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14 March, 2014

The Detail Detailed - Sin City Meets L.A. Noire

Indie studio Rival Games has revealed a rather cool looking project called The Detail, which merges interactive story-driven gameplay, graphic novel aesthetics and TV-inspired execution to create a noir crime adventure. Tough moral decisions, episodic gameplay and an immersive atmospheric backdrop will confront gamers when the title lands later in the year on tablets, PC, Mac and Linux.

You'll take control of two less-than-text-book crime fighters, following bloodied breadcrumbs through the dangerous underground of a scum-run city. There's Reginald "Reggie" Moore, "a veteran detective grown frustrated with the lack of justice," and Joseph "Joe" Miller, "a former confidential informant now dragged back into the life of crime he barely escaped." An adventure game inspired by classics from Westwood, LucasArts and Telltale Games, the promise of investigating grizzly murder scenes, interrogating suspects and avoiding the dangers of the wrong side of the tracks recalls L.A. Noire.

(The developer also name-drops The Wire as inspiration, which is a very good thing.)

Combining hand-drawn art that reminds us of Sin City, and with the power of the Unity Engine behind it, The Detail is looking full of promise. Check out the trailer below:

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While we await The Detail's release, here is some fun old-school adventure gaming to tide you over:
    - The Secrets of Monkey Island
    - The Wolf Among Us
    - The Walking Dead Season 2
    - Machinarium
    - Broken Sword: Director's Cut
    - The Last Express
    - Beneath a Steel Sky
    - Myst
    - Simon the Sorcerer 2 

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