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03 September, 2014

The Creator of Halo's Huge Interview on His New Game Midnight Star

Yesterday we gave you an insight into the first of the big exclusives we have in Episode 7 of Grab It, the full making of on the Tiny Troopers series and its latest instalment, Tiny Troopers Alliance. Today, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of our other big feature in this jam-packed episode. We’re very excited to have been given access to revolutionary first-person shooter Midnight Star, and its developer Industrial Toys.

The studio was founded by Alex Seropian – who previously founded Bungie and launched Halo: Combat Evolved before going indie – and also employs as lead designer Paul Bertone, who joined up with Bungie as Seropian left and took the Halo brand forward for the next 12-years. As you’d expect, the two have some of the best FPS pedigree in the world behind them and they are using that to reinvent what is possible with the genre on a touchscreen through their deep, sci-fi experience Midnight Star.

You can pick up Episode 7 to hear both these men talk in-depth about the indie game scene, their motivations behind the title, their key design decisions, Halo and more. But here is a little snippet from Seropian to whet the appetite:

“Whenever possible I try to learn from everything I do. Iteration has glorious benefits in game development. Working on a sci-fi shooter we can definitely leverage past learnings – that and the fact that ‘shooter’ is the biggest gaming category and it hasn't been done well on mobile yet is a big part of why our first game is a mobile shooter. If the Halo connection is helpful for us that’s great, but obviously Midnight Star is a whole new game.”

Grab Episode 7 now.

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