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21 March, 2014

The Creator of Crysis and Far Cry Releases New Game The Collectables

Update 2: The Collectables has just gone live on the App Store. You can grab it here.

Update: We've just heard that, following its soft launch last month, The Collectables will be launching globally on iOS next week. The free-to-play action/card game title from Crytek tasks players with controlling a group of soldiers as they bust up a bunch of enemy infested islands. Before each level, players construct a deck of cards featuring abilities, weapons and soldiers. The player can then control the flow of battle by choosing what cards to play from their deck. Cards can be used to perform actions like call in airstrikes, decoys and heal fellow troops.

If you pre-register on the game's website (for free), you can score yourself a pretty sweet exclusive version of the in-game character RELOAD.

We're loving the 80's action hero vibe that The Collectables is giving off. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say this was the best period in history for quality action movies! And with Crytek at the helm, you know the game is going to look pretty darn beautiful.

We'll keep you updated when The Collectables begins rolling out on iOS next week.

Original Story: Crytek, best known for its blockbuster game series Crysis and its stunning CryEngine technology, has announced its foray into the free-to-pay mobile market. Slated to release on iOS in 2014, The Collectables is described as "a blend of action and tactics as players lead a squad of unconventional soldiers on do-or-die missions around the globe." Do you think Crytek can leverage its experience to deliver a quality experience on mobile devices?

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