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09 January, 2014

Simian.Interface is Bananas

Some games are just plain quirky. Playing as a test-subject monkey with a malfunctioning computer in its brain to solve spatial-based puzzles definitely classifies as quirky. In simian.interface, your primate friend must align, create and solve geometrical-based puzzles, all for the wonderful prize of a banana. What you realise pretty quickly is that simian.interface isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of how we think a game should act and feel. It also turns the introspective finger on ourselves, making us ponder about the monkey hamster wheel of society. Pretty neat for a game that’s all about solving puzzles.

If you’re in the mood for an eccentric puzzle-based game, that’s both challenging and rewarding, all while pushing you to do some navel gazing, simian.interface is right up your banana tree.

It's rolling out across the world here; this grab it link will update automatically. (here for iPhone)

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