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19 January, 2014

Little Big Mansion Announced - Little Game, Big Ambition

Little Big Mansion is shaping up to be a magical experience, literally. Krisjet Game Design’s quirky puzzle platformer puts you in the shoes of two magicians exploring an old mansion. Each has their own magical talents, which you’ll need to use wisely to navigate your way out. Houdini eat your heart out!

You start out controlling the younger magician, who can switch the size of objects. This happens to be incredibly convenient when you come across a tiny corridor no normal sized person could possibly fit through, or when you need to shrink a massive key to fit a lock. The older magician has the ability to swap the position of two objects, allowing easy transition between rooms. Both magicians eventually meet up and you’ll need to employ all the talents at their disposal to escape. This place had one seriously unhinged architect!

From what we’ve seen so far, Little Big Mansion looks more than just smoke and mirrors. An interesting concept and clever puzzle design could make this one of the genuine indie gems of the year. Little Big Mansion will magically appear on iOS in early 2014.

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