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19 March, 2014

Kairosoft's World Cruise Story Sails onto iOS

Acclaimed developer Kairosoft is well known in gaming circles for its cute and highly addictive pixel sim management adventures. The sheer number of games Kairosoft has released is truly astounding, but you may know the studio best for the incredibly fun Game Dev Story (grab it here). Kairosoft has slowly but surely been bringing its catalogue of games to iOS – almost 20 to date – and the latest title to make the leap is World Cruise Story.

In what must be everyone’s dream come true, you manage a luxury cruise liner as it sails around the world. You can deck out your ship to your heart’s content with casinos, swanky restaurants, spas and snooty shops. As you sail from country to country, passengers will review your ship. Amass enough fame and you might be lucky enough to have celebrity passengers and royalty grace your ship.

There may be more in-depth sim management titles out there, but Kairosoft will win you over with its cute characters and bafflingly addictive gameplay. For certain, World Cruise Story will give you plenty of bang, and many hours of fun, for your buck.

While you’re on the App Store, make sure to also check out Kairosoft’s other sim management titles. We recommend you start with Game Dev Story. But be sure to also check out Mega Mall Story, Ninja Village, Hot Springs Story, and Grand Prix Story.

If you're after a wider selection of tasty management titles to sink your teeth into, why not check our our 50 Best Indie Games of 2013 and Issue 1 of Grab It Magazine to learn all about the games and game makers producing quality experiences for iPad.

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