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04 December, 2014

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Act 4: Dawn Over V’Tagg Out Now, Also Hits Steam

Gamebook adventure fans, rejoice! The fourth and final Act of Joe Dever’s critically acclaimed Lone Wolf series, Dawn Over V’Tagg, is out now. For those who have been following the series with interest, it’s been a long (and impatient) road for both us and Lone Wolf, so it’s nice to see his story finally wrapped up.

While Android and iOS users have been hacking and slashing Vordaks and other bad dudes for months, PC and Mac users can get in on the love with the complete Lone Wolf series now available on Steam. The inclusion of almost 80 Steam achievements and trading cards is a nice touch. If you move quick enough, you can also pick it up for 10% off the usual price.

We reviewed Acts One and Two of Lone Wolf in Episode 5 of Grab It, calling it “one of the best gamebook adventures on the market which strikes the perfect balance of an old-school gamebook feel while breathing new life into an otherwise aging genre.” The satisfying combat is worth singling out in particular, mixing real-time mechanics with turn-based action. It’s certainly a far cry from traditional gamebook adventures where the prospect of winning a battle essentially boils down to random chance with the rolling of die.

You can grab Lone Wolf right here:
     - iOS
     - Steam

Stephen Mitchell

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