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18 September, 2014

Is iOS 8 Too Big For Your Device? Try This Trick So You Don't Have To Delete Your Games

When Apple declared iOS 8 as “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store,” they weren't kidding. Literally. If you've tried to download the update this morning, you may have realised that it requires a whopping amount of storage space. On some iPhone and iPad models, you’re looking at needing around 5.7GB of free space. This is a pretty big problem for some people, especially those with an iPhone 4S or 5C which only have a total storage space of 8GB. In comparison, previous iOS updates only required 1GB of storage.

If you’re not particularly keen on deleting absolutely everything from your iDevice to make room for iOS 8 there’s actually a fairly simple workaround. Just connect your device to a computer and use iTunes to download and install the update. Doing it this way will significantly reduce the amount of storage space required. While you’re at it, don’t forget to back up your device should anything weird and wonderful happen during the installation. Expect to set aside at least 1.5 hours to download the update. And voila, you’re good to explore the magic of iOS 8.

The first thing you may want to do is check out the new bundles of games that have appeared on the App Store. You can also look at the below episode of Grab It to find the best indie iOS games available on iPad.

If you are wondering who we are, we’re a AAA digital magazine that you can pick up for US$2 on the App Store anywhere in the world to get dedicated coverage of the indie iPad gaming scene. We’re trying to not only push the boundaries of what a digital magazine can be by making the reader experience feel like playing a dynamic and interactive game, but we’re also full of hours of reviews, exclusive developer interviews, footage, images, insights and more. Below you will find links to each edition.
     - Episode 1 - Includes The Making of République (*free sample issue*)
     - Episode 2 - Includes The Making of Oceanhorn
     - Episode 3 - Includes The Making of Monument Valley
     - Episode 4 - Includes The Making of Last Inua
     - Episode 5 - Includes The Making of World of Tanks Blitz
     - Episode 6 - Includes The Making of Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
     - Episode 7 - Includes The Making of Tiny Troopers Alliance and Midnight Star
     - Grab It Presents Nihilumbra - Classics Collection

Stephen Mitchell

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