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15 August, 2015

12 Awesome Aussie Indie Games for $3

Reach for your wallets and ready those credit card numbers, because there's a rip-roaring deal 'round these parts and you'd have to be bushwhacked to ignore it.

For as little as $3* you can bag yourself 12 delightful Aussie-grown indie games, spanning a wide array of genres. From the tactical apocalyptic survival of Zafehouse Diaries, to the side-scrolling hack-n-slashing of Blade Kitten, to the plummeting platforming of Freedom Fall, there's no lack of variety or creativity to be found. If you have any interest in indie games, Australian development, or just an irresistible bargain, you owe it to yourself to check out Indiegala's Down Under Bundle. Get some great games, and support some home-grown heroes. How can you go wrong?

And if supporting Australian indies is a passion of yours, we highly recommend reading Episode 8 of Grab It. Not only will that support us - an Aussie indie - but the issue includes 68 exclusive interviews and game features on a stack of fantastic Aussie made games.

The full list of games:
   - Once Bitten, Twice Dead
   - Zafehouse Diaries
   - Unhack
   - Blade Kitten
   - Deadnaut
   - Stargazer
   - An Assassin in Orlandes (Tin Man Games talk digital gamebooks in Episode 6 of Grab It)
   - Bermuda
   - Curse of the Assassin
   - 8-bit Adventures
   - Amygdala
   - Freedom Fall (read our review)

*To get all the games, you must beat the average price, which was $2.89 at the time of writing

Matt Sayer

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