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09 April, 2014

"I’ve wanted to make a game about architecture for a long time" - The Making of Monument Valley

Episode 3 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App is out right now on the App Store. You can grab it here. This episode is the first in our shift from a monthly publication into a weekly model that will deliver more reviews, news, interviews and opinion on iPad indie games to you more often and at a cheaper price. It retains the innovative design and interactive control experience that fans have been raving about and is still jam-packed with content. This episode's highlighted games include Out There, Mines of Mars, God of Light, Tengami and Monument Valley - the latter featuring on our cover.

As part of that cover story, we have an in-depth making of for Monument Valley, as told through interviews and artwork provided by developer ustwo games. We thought we would share a snippet of that feature as a taste of some of the insights that can be found within the Grab It app. 

"I’ve wanted to make a game about architecture for a long time," Ken Wong, artist and designer of Monument Valley, explains. "The problem was always how to turn architecture into something goal-oriented. During a brainstorming session I came across a piece of M.C. Escher art called "Ascending and Descending," (see below) which I thought looked a lot like a game level. The player could guide a character from the bottom to the top by moving or manipulating parts of the building. This led to the first piece of concept art, which is quite similar to how the game looks now."

It's a truly amazing game and we're stoked to have the making of in Grab It. Many thanks to ustwo for giving as the fun times and the insight.

    - Grab It Episode 3
    - Monument Valley

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