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09 March, 2014

Hunt Whales on Your iPad Right Now

We’ve received word that the great swashbuckling adventure Assassin’s Creed Pirates (grab it here) has received a major update. In a move that won’t make too many animal conservation groups happy, you can now go hunting for whales. That’s on everyone’s secret “things to do before I die” list, right?

The full details of the update are:
    - Go whale hunting and collect 50 species of Caribbean fish
    - Unlock 2 new ships and battle 6 historical bosses
    - A new Survival Mode
    - A new map area to explore, complete with brand-new campaign and secondary missions
    - More collectibles, including treasures and diaries

Ubisoft has been showing a lot of love to its mobile Pirates spin off, only recently rolling out a sizable update, adding new maps, missions and collectibles. In Issue 1 of Grab It Magazine (grab it here) we praised Pirates for doing an excellent job of capturing the high seas fun of recent next-gen release Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

You can grab the game right here.

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