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07 February, 2015

Humble Weekly Bundle Is All About The Adventures

This week’s Humble Bundle is an excellent one for the brave adventurer. Aptly named the “Humble Weekly Bundle Adventures!” it contains some top notch point-and-click adventure titles that thoroughly deserve your time. The pin-up boy of the pack is the dark crime epic The Detail (Episode 1) from Rival Games, which also recently released on iOS (grab it here). You can read our interview with with Jukka Laakso (CEO,) JD Sorvari (lead writer) and Timo Naskali (lead programmer) to find out more as the team put the final touches on the game’s first episode.

Also of note in the bundle are several titles in the Broken Sword series, the hilariously offbeat Detective Grimoire and The Whispered World Special Edition. As far as point-and-click adventure titles go, these are some seriously good games on offer. But like any good advertisement, wait there’s still more! Rounding out this massive bundle are the soundtracks for each of the games on offer. 

In total, the bundle would normally set you back $133 of your hard earned cash. Not bad for something that you can pay whatever you want. But keep in mind that, if you choose to do so, some of your generously donated money will go towards supporting two charities: Worldreader and AbleGamers. These organisations do some fantastic work, so rest assured your money will be going to great causes.

Visit the Humble Bundle website here.

Stephen Mitchell

References (iOS links):
     - The Detail
     - Broken Sword: Director’s Cut
     - Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered
     - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse
     - Detective Grimoire

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