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22 May, 2014

Duke Nukem inspired Bill Killem Shoots Onto App Store

Update: It's time to kick ass and chew gum - Bill Killem is out now and you can grab it here.

Original Story: Clearly taking inspiration from Duke Nukem - which in turn celebrated every eighties action film cliché it could - Everplay Interactive's (Ace of Blades, Free 2 Die) just announced Bill Killem should turn the heads of anyone who views arm-wrestling as a sport, and The Expendables 3 has a must see upcoming blockbuster. Its titular hero is a Hollywood superstar by day, who must bring his over-the-top action theatrics into real life when aliens invade Los Angeles. With 16-bit retro tongue planted firmly in pixelated cheek, the action unfolds as a sidescrolling shooter. You grab ever bigger and more over-the-top guns, to blast away at any alien silly enough to get in your way.

Little more is known at this point, but the trailer below reveals Chillingo's is helping with the game, and says enough to give you a good idea of what's in store when the game releases on May 22 for free.

    - Ace of Blades
    - Free 2 Die
    - Duke Nukem 2
    - Duke Nukem 3D
    - Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

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