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22 February, 2014

Dig Deeper in "Significantly Bigger Worlds" for Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you’ve played Minecraft: Pocket Edition (grab it here), you’ve undoubtedly seen all the game has to offer. It’s fairly limited in scope, with very little to do, right? Before I’m overrun by hordes of angry, disgruntled creepers, let me assure you I’m joking!

The Pocket Edition of the game that needs no introduction is set to become even bigger. Mojang has detailed on a blog post some of the changes being worked on. Here’s what the studio had to say:

"We’re working on restructuring a lot of code to allow for significantly bigger worlds in future updates. We’re also updating the AI, inventory and a bunch of other things. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date yet, but so far, everything is going to plan."

Here at Grab It Magazine, we’re massive fans of Minecraft. But we know that it’s not an easy game to get into, sporting a pretty steep learning curve. When you do grab Minecraft (grab it here), make sure you check out our newly released Issue 1, which features a comprehensive guide to becoming a master crafter quickly.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Minecraft: The Guide

Tip 1 - Start out on Creation Mode. Minecraft has two modes: Survival Mode and Creation Mode. The quickest way to death and dismay is to dive into Survival mode: before you know it, night comes and tough nasty things feast on your pixelated face. So give yourself a chance to learn the mechanics of Minecraft in the nice, sunny daytime. In Creation Mode you're invincible: you can learn the ropes, devise a strategy and prepare yourself before taking on the horrors of Survival.

Tip 2 - Basic Manoeuvres. Get used to navigating around the world of Minecraft safely and efficiently. If you can't find a ladder, try "jumpblocking:" jump and place a block while in mid-air that you land on. Rinse and repeat to get as high as you like. When you get up high, crouch so you stick to the ledge and avoid slipping off to your untimely death. This is especially useful if you want to build a bridge or other precarious structure high up, and it will become an essential manoeuvring tool.

For our complete Minecraft Guide (shown below), as well as 22 in-depth reviews of indie iPad games, 14 exclusive interviews and five big features including our big reveal for the amazing Thralled, make sure you check out Issue 1 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App.

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