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19 March, 2014

Dead Mage Studio's Shadow Blade Receives Stealthy Update

The excellent ninja action-platformer Shadow Blade (grab it here) from Dead Mage Studios has just received a hefty update. Our stealthy protagonist Kuro can now slice and dice his way through an entire new chapter, comprising 12 levels in the Downtown area. Here, you will also run into a new enemy type called The Punk Mob.

Dead Mage Studios has also added three additional “hardcore” levels. These hardcore stages are arguably the best part of the game, offering clever environmental and puzzle designs which demand ninja-like patience and persistence.

The icing on this delicious cake is the inclusion of three new game soundtracks, video replay and sharing options, and the incredibly simple, but useful, addition of a “Par Time” display.

In our review of Shadow Blade, we called it an accessible and competent platformer, packed with clever puzzle designs and loads of replayability. For our full review, and an interview with Dead Mage Studios, be sure to check out Issue 1 of Grab It Magazine.

Check out the trailer below and then grab Shadow Blade here.

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