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12 April, 2014

Dead Island devs Announce Hellraid: The Escape

Techland has slowly but surely become a household name in recent years, owing largely to their incredibly fun free-roaming zombie game, Dead Island (on PC and consoles). Not content to simply rest on its laurels, Techland has a number of projects in the development pipeline, including the PC and console title Hellraid, which has been described as a darker fantasy version of Dead Island.

If the idea of magic and zombies (or magical zombies?) has piqued your interest, then you’ll definitely be interested to hear that Techland has announced a new mobile title set in the same universe, Hellraid: The Escape. From what we’ve seen so far (check out the trailer below), Hellraid: The Escape reminds us of In Fear I Trust (although hopefully much better – read our review here). At least from the trailer, it looks like we'll be treated to some interesting puzzle solving ideas, a macabre sense of humour and free-roaming exploration.

Hellraid: The Escape will release on May 15 for $2.99 and will not contain any IAPs. Keep an eye on this space, and we’ll let you know when the game starts rolling out worldwide. If you need to get your zombie fix in the meantime, do yourself a favour and check out Dead Trigger 2. It took top spot in our Top 10 FPS Games on iPad feature from Episode 2 of Grab It.

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