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24 June, 2017

Burly Men at Sea Sailing Towards PS4 and Vita

Have a read of our full review of Brain&Brain's Burly Men at Sea and you'll soon know we were charmed by its many adventures. Played out through interactive storybook form, with beautiful depictions inspired by Scandinavian folklore, players after a different, quieter experience will find what they're looking for within its animated electronic pages. 

Brain&Brain recently announced at E3 2017 that the studio would be bringing its adventures to PS4 and Vita, although a release date has not yet been made available. We'll keep you posted as more news comes to hand. The more platforms on which this lovely game can be experienced the better. This writer actually took it through its paces on Apple TV via the Siri Remote not long ago, and found it a nice fit for that platform also. 

In a nice real-life twist, you can actually get hardcover book versions of all the playable stories. 

Here's the recent trailer unveiled at E3 2017: 

Garry Balogh


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