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24 April, 2014

Botanicula to iPad on May 1st

Update. Good news, everyone! Fortunately, unlike Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, I actually have some good news and not the exact opposite. Amanita Design has just announced over on Twitter that Botanicula will release on iPad on May 1st. By my calculations, that makes it...still too long for my liking. Watch this space - we'll let you know the when game starts rolling out worldwide.

Original Story. Amanita Design, the fantastic indie developer behind legendary point-and-click adventure Machinarium, is gearing up for a return to the iPad in May. The studio's excellent Botanicula has already made waves on PC and Mac, and it provides a fascinating journey into the world of insects as you stop a spider from corrupting this ecosystem. As we've come to expect from this developer, the game looks stunning and its filled with weird and wonderful sites to engage your eyeballs and brain. We'll let you know an exact date as soon as we know, but in the interim you should grab a copy of Machinarium and enjoy the below trailer.

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