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04 March, 2014

Bejeweled HD Gets a Poker Mode in Update

Surely now able to be mentioned in the same conversation as defining puzzle game Tetris, Bejeweled has been delivering hours of fun to gamers on every format known to man for years now. This hasn't stopped the game from evolving - an update just went live for the iOS version of the game that adds a new mode that puts your poker skills to the test. You'll want to not only match gems, but do so in an order that produces the best poker hand possible.

Here is the full rundown of what is in the update (developers words):
   · The awesome new Poker mode, which lets you bring your card-playing skills to Bejeweled
   · Faster loading time for iPad Air and iPad Mini (now so fast it’s best not to turn away!)
   · A new notification service, so we can keep you updated on exciting events easily
   · A little bit of gem-polishing and knob twisting to improve overall gameplay

You can grab the game here. And you can grab Tetris too.

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