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03 March, 2014

Balanz Out Now - A 10-Player Jenga-like

I love playing the tabletop game Jenga. If you haven’t played it before, you start by setting up a tower of wooden blocks. Each player must try and remove one block at a time and then place it on top to build the tower higher, even as the foundations become less sure. It often ends in chaos and much laughter (and someone doing a shot). Balanz invokes the same warm, fuzzy feelings of close family and friend bonding times.

Balanz is a multiplayer game, which can involve up to ten people gathering around a single iPad or iPhone. Similar to Jenga, the objective is for players to build up a digital block tower, making sure it doesn’t fall over. Once a block is added to the tower, the player must physically pass the iDevice to the next person, while keeping the device flat to make sure the tower doesn’t fall over. The rules can be tuned to limit the amount of time you have to pass the device to the next person, or to increase the tilt sensitivity.

Balanz looks like an incredibly fun and simple game to whip out when a bunch of friends come over. Even better, it's out now on iOS - grab it here.

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