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27 August, 2014

World of Tanks Blitz Gets First Content Update - New Tanks, Map and Various Tweaks


Tankophiles rejoice! World of Tanks Blitz has today seen its first content update, adding five new tanks, a new map (Oasis Palms), along with various tweaks and fixes. 

Wargaming.Net's iOS version of its world conquering tank battler rumbled onto our iPads and iPhones back in June, and was our cover feature in Grab It Episode #5. In the episode we go deep into the making of this ambitious iOS title, with exclusive behind-the-scenes info and assets. 

Since its release there have been various tweaks and balances, but today we see new content, the most important of which is of course the tanks. There are five shiny new toys to wreak havoc with - the SU-100Y, Dicker Max, Panther/M10, Lowe and T34.

The update is free, as is the game itself, which you can grab right here

So get your tank on!

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