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06 August, 2016

The Best Tip for Playing Neverwinter on PS4 - Remember to Zoom

During my adventures in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS4, I developed a muscle memory that is proving very useful for Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons MMO which was recently ported to Sony’s hardware.

Whenever I want to read an interesting bit of lore found in a parchment or book, or compare the stats of shiny loot dropped by a felled enemy to what I’ve already equipped, it now happens without even thinking: My left thumb shoots over and holds down the PS button, followed a split second later by my right thumb mashing the square button. The result is the magnifying of a portion of your TV screen, and is utter bliss for eyes that have been at work all day and are now straining to serve a late night gaming session.

This zoom function on the PS4 is one of the device’s accessibility options, and must first be enabled within the Settings menu, as below:

Select Settings > Accessibility

Once enabled, the function can then be used in-game.

While zoomed, your screen is divided into a grid, and you can navigate around the screen using your left thumb-stick. When magnified, you’ll lose control of the game’s functionality - it doesn’t pause the game, but it stops you from being able to execute any functions or move your avatar. Exit the zoom by hitting the circle or PS button.

On paper it sounds a little fiddly, but during a lengthy RPG or MMO it soon becomes second nature zooming in and out, and your eyes will thank you every time.

Right then, I’m off to get my level 19 moon worshipping warlock over the edge so I can open up that tantalising carrot in my inventory - the level 20 Adventure Box.

And that of course, is how they get you.

Damn them.

Garry Balogh

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