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24 September, 2014

Shadow Blade Developer Dead Mage reveals next game Children of Morta

Stop what you're doing and watch the trailer embedded below. Done? I don't know about you, but this gets me pretty excited for Dead Mage's upcoming Children of Morta.

Judging from what we see in the video, the developer looks to be sticking with the sword-swinging ninja genre of its previous hit Shadow Blade, but moving it away from action platforming and towards a top-down, story-driven action RPG. 

And how about that beautiful pixel art? This is pixel art with the emphasis on art, as opposed to pixel art purely as a vehicle for retro nostalgia, which is a pleasant change. Combined with the epic soundtrack and subdued colour palette, the trailer conjures a great sense of haunting gravitas. 

There is no confirmation as to which platforms Children of Morta is aiming to release on as yet, apart from the game's website containing a Windows, Apple and Linux symbol. But this could of course mean Mac or iOS. At Grab It Magazine we're obviously hoping for an iOS release, and with the success of Shadow Blade this would seem reasonably likely, but we'll spill the beans as soon as we know more. 

For now, all is speculation as we try to decode more clues from that trailer. It's a nice trailer, I think I'll watch it again. 

Garry Balogh

Shadow Blade - which you can grab here - was one of our featured reviews (and interviews) in Grab It Episode 2, which you can grab right here. 

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