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27 February, 2014

Out There Out Now - First Impressions

Midnight saw the release of Out There, a hybrid that is equal parts game book adventure and light spaceship/resource management sim. I've been immersing myself in its atmospheric, combat-free style and there is a lot to enjoy. 

Gameplay involves travelling from star to star, collecting fuel, oxygen and iron for repairs, and making choose-your-own-adventure choices on the many and varied story pages that appear randomly along the way.

I've died a lot. The fact that I keep going back for more is a good sign, but it is not an easy game.

Mismanaging your resources and making the wrong choices will see you writing the last entry in your log, losing everything, and starting from scratch in a new game. This permadeath aspect gives each new try a great sense of risk and weight, and your experience is better for it. In my many attempts so far I have not yet reached the end, and to be honest, I'm guessing I haven't even reached halfway.

If Out There was too easy with nothing at risk it would be a very light experience, as there isn't that much depth to the ship and resource management thus far. But it's the whole package of the adventure and discovery of new story points and technology to improve your chances that makes it quite a compelling experience. 

The game is currently rolling out globally over the next 24-hours. This grab it now link will update automatically as your territory comes online, so you can start your adventure in the final frontier as soon as possible. 

For some other spaceship management options on the App Store, Rymdkapsel and Star Command are both highly recommended as well. 

Garry Balogh

  - Out There
  - Rymdkapsel
  - Star Command

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