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03 March, 2014

If iPad Games Were Movies - The Shadow Sun

With Hollywood buzzing from Oscars fever today, we thought we'd have a bit of fun by posing a question - if iPad games were made into movies, who would star and who would direct?

Ossian Studios' grand role-playing game The Shadow Sun was reviewed in our Issue #1 of Grab It Magazine to the tune of four and a half stars out of five. To read the full review and our exclusive interview with the developer about the making of the game, you can pick up the issue here. The sweeping adventure also featured in our Best 50 iPad indie games of 2013.

Who then to direct an epic fantasy extravaganza, which mixes the deserts and bazaars of Ancient Persia, with out-of-this-world monsters and magic? I say Peter Jackson would be up to the task. 

As to who would take on the starring role, I'm going to go with Jake Gyllenhaal. He's shown his action hero stripes in The Source Code and The Prince of Persia, and in Donnie Darko and many other roles proved acting chops that would make it more than just a CGI fluff piece. 

The Shadow Sun has tent-pole cinema event written all over it, and you can grab it here to experience it for yourself. You can also check out our movie adaptation ideas for République, Out There and Bloodstroke. And our mock posters.

Also, if you want to discover great new iPad games, be sure to check out Issue 1 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App. It includes 22 in-depth reviews of indie iPad games, 14 exclusive interviews, five big features, top 10s, opinions, news, videos, soundtracks and more - it all starts with our big world exclusive reveal for the amazing Thralled.

Roll the trailer!

Garry Balogh

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