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11 March, 2014

2D Pixel Art + Platforming + RPG = Devious Dungeon

Ravenous Games has been combining its signature pixel art style with 2D retro platforming successfully for some time now.

Its The League of Evil series is up to game number three, and the first provided the high water mark for precise controls in a touchscreen platformer. With a simple layout of only a left and right button, and a jump and attack button - all wonderfully executed - it enabled the accurate speedruns the game asked of players across its very short, bite-sized levels. 

Gamers however also saw the potential that this control mechanism could bring to a platformer with longer levels and a fully fleshed-out adventure. Ticking these boxes, the Random Heroes series was born. Retaining the developer's signature visual style and 2D platforming mechanic, but adding a "save the Earth against monsters from another dimension" storyline and loads of upgradeable guns. Both games in the series are loads of fun. 

Last week saw the release of Devious Dungeon. Fans of Ravenous Games' usual mixture of gameplay elements will feel right at home - the visual style and platforming action are becoming the staple comfort food for the developer. But Devious Dungeon adds another element to the mix to keep things fresh; an RPG setting with all the trimmings of swinging swords, loot and character progression.

With random levels adding replay value, boss battles and five worlds to explore, there looks to be a lot to enjoy here. You can check out the trailer below and grab the game here. 

It does leave us wondering if Ravenous Games will surprise us by leaving its signature style behind in the future, or if not, where it will take it next? Space seems to be the current frontier for iOS, so maybe that's where our next 2D pixel art platforming adventure will next find us. 

Garry Balogh

   - League of Evil 
   - League of Evil 2
   - League of Evil 3
   - Random Heroes
   - Random Heroes 2
   - Devious Dungeon

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