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02 July, 2014

World of Tanks Was Almost A Fantasy MMO

The cover story for Episode 5 of Grab It is World of Tanks Blitz. This new entry in developer Wargaming's beloved PC blockbuster series is built from the ground-up for touchscreens and does an excellent job of taking the multiplayer action mobile. As part of our world exclusive making of feature, we spoke with Wargaming about the development of the World of Tanks brand, its move to iOS and its future. One particularly interesting snippet reveals that the game, in its original form, was to take the vastly different route of being fantasy-set. Here is the quote from the article:

"The concept for what would become World of Tanks started forming late in 2008," Max Chuvalov, PR & Marketing Product Manager at Wargaming, recalls. "We was just putting the finishing touches on PC real-time strategy game Order of War. Few people know this, but before Wargaming decided to work on a military warfare IP, the original idea was to make a fantasy MMO."

For the full feature and plenty more content - including 15 showcased games, nine exclusive interviews, three big features, videos, soundtracks, opinions, news and more - check out Episode 5 of Grab It now (trailer below). And if you're still unsure, you can try our free sample issue.

   - World of Tanks Blitz 

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