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12 June, 2014

Twisty Planets - Fez Meets Q-Bert - Out Now

Update: Get your brain spinning, as Twisty Planets is out now. Grab it here. If you like the idea of these mind-bending puzzle-platformers, you should definitely check out Episode 3 of Grab It and how extensive behind the scenes making of feature on genre leader Monument Valley.

Original Story: Developer First Sight Games looks to have a very polished 3D puzzler on its hands, judging from the trailer below.

With a main character named Qub, Twisty Planets is certainly not trying to hide its Qbert inspirations. The rotating platforms on which Qub travels also brings to mind indie platforming smash Fez, but how much water this comparison holds - apart from a purely visual one - will be revealed in due time.

Coming through the Crescent Moon Games publishing pipeline is another good sign for Twisty Planets, judging from CM Games' string of quality titles. The most recent alumni was 2-bit Cowboy, a great Game Boy inspired 2D action platformer, which you can grab right here. You can also check out our interview with the developer.

Aiming for an early June release, Twisty Planets isn't too far away, and we look forward to some hands on time with it.

Roll the video!

    - Monument Valley
    - 2-bit Cowboy
    - Twisty Planets

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