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28 August, 2014

Will Tablet Gaming Supersede Consoles Within Five Years?

When we started up Grab It - The Game Discovery App in late 2013, we did so because indie gaming on tablets was becoming way too much fun to continue to sit on the back seat. But according to market research firm Juniper, tablet gaming will be driving the bus by 2019. The firm's research leads them to believe that the tablet gaming space, which will bring in US$3.6b in revenue through 2014, will grow to US$13.3b by 2019. Climb that on a line-graph and it's less a hill than a mountain!

Juniper points to the rapid improvement in tablet technology (graphics, storage, etc.), and the improving access to fast broadband speeds, as the main drivers of this growth. And with games like BioShock hitting the iPad, it's hard to argue with the leaps and bounds tablets are taking. Juniper also indicated that it believes tablets will supersede other devices as "consumers' preference [is] for convenience and ubiquity." It begs the question, will tablets supersede consoles by 2019?

I suspect that, if Juniper's predictions hold true, the console space will find ways to become a part of that scene in more exciting ways. We're already seeing titles like Watch Dogs, Mass Effect and Project Spark ensure that people can remain connected and influence their game worlds while on the move via their tablets. In turn, this leads me to believe the whole sector will benefit from tablet growth, as more players come into the mix, and more gaming options present themselves.

If that has inspired you to find a game to enjoy on your iPad right now, be quick to grab a copy of Grab It - an app dedicated to the coverage of indie iPad games, jam-packed with world exclusive content.

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