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12 March, 2014

Space Noir Looks Awesome - A Dogfighter with Depth

Unity Games and developer N-Fusion Interactive are teaming up on an explosive looking dogfighter called Space Noir. N-Fusion impressed the hell out of us with its 2013 gem Deus Ex: The Fall - a standalone entry in the blockbuster console/PC series built specifically for touchscreens - and that form appears to be carrying across to its next title. The Unity3D game engine is continuing to impress, too, and the stunning cutscenes, detailed worlds and explosive combat you'll see in the trailer below must be pushing the iPad to its limits.

The developer has name-dropped Wing Commander and X-Wing as inspiration, but it appears that a lot of effort has gone into carving out a unique and interesting universe for us to blast through as Han Solo alike Bounty Hunter Hal Markham. If the action plays as fluidly as it looks and the Noir in the title manifests as a gritty and engaging story from the space pirate underground we'll be stoked. The developer does have form in the genre, compliments of its well-received game Air Mail - grab it here. The game is due out mid-year.

In the interim, definitely do yourself a favour and check out Deus Ex: The Fall - you can grab it here. Or for intergalactic space shooting fun, you can check out Beyond Space - grab it here. And we'd be thrilled if you checked out our exclusive, in-depth interview with Unity CEO David Helgason in Issue 1 of our game discovery app - Grab It Magazine.

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