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09 July, 2014

Sharknado The Video Game is Suitably Bizarre

You're going to need a bigger iPad by July 30 with news that classic B-movie Sharknado is becoming an iOS game. Sharknado 2 will be hitting cinemas on that date, and SyFy has promised the game will be out in time for the big occasion. While we would have liked to have seen a cross between Scuba Diver Adventure and Kawaii Killer (see trailer below), Sharknado will instead be an endless runner - doh! That said, this endless runner promises to provide some bizarre gameplay sequences, including surfing through city streets dodging hammerheads, using tiger sharks as trampolines and jumping into a Great White tornado armed with a chainsaw to readjust the food chain manually.

Sounds like crazy fun, but we've been burned by these types of games before. This image gives us hope it will at the very least have novelty value. We'll let you know more when it emerges.

   - Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond the Depths
   - Sharknado Movie

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