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29 July, 2015

PAX AUS Names Its Indie Showcase Winners for 2015

Some of Australia’s best new indie developer talent to be put in lights during the October conference.

Grab It and PAX have a wonderful history. For the 2014 event we prepared and published the event’s guide to all the indie developers on display - and we went a bit over-the-top. The digital magazine included a lengthy interview with all 68 developers, in which they spoke about the backstory and design decisions behind their titles, as well as an analysis on each experience. This included six huge features on each of the showcase winners of that year; Wave Wave 2.0, Gunscape, Assault Android Cactus, Expand, Screencheat and Airscape: Fall of Gravity.

It’s the single biggest publication ever dedicated to indie gaming and if you have an iPad you can still check it out - it remains packed with exclusives on unreleased games.

After the success of PAX AUS 2014 - which did a brilliant job of giving the indie developers the spotlight despite the huge hall being filled with titles of far bigger budgets - this year’s event will give 70 indie developers an extra boost via the new PAX Rising section. Included within that area will be this year’s six showcase winners, and they are;

Hollow Knight - by Team Cherry
Hacknet - by Team Fractal Alligator
Lupinball - by Craftven
Armend With Wings: Rearmed - by Sun-Studios
Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise - by Yak & Co.
Death Squared - by SMG Studio

Congratulations to the winners, in particular SMG Studio, who featured no less than three times in last year’s special PAX AUS edition of Grab It.

PAX AUS runs from October 30 to November 1 in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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