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28 June, 2014


Grab It Episode 5 has just hit the App Store and amongst its three big features (including an exclusive making of on World of Tanks Blitz), nine exclusive interviews and 15 showcased indie games is OTTTD by SMG Studio. Standing for Over The Top Tower Defence, it’s a cheeky, crazy, curious little gem we highly recommend. The developer has just put an update for the game to Apple for approval, so it could be live by the time your read this, and we spoke to founder Ash Ringrose to find out what to expect.

Note: You can grab OTTTD here, and Episode 5 of Grab It here.

What has the reaction been like since the game’s release? Anything that is particularly standing out for fans?
The reaction has been better than we expected, but honestly after working on something for 13 months you start to get sick of seeing it and forget that it's all new to people. Press wise we've had some great reviews and I feel the SMG name is one people will start to look out for. There's some out there that think any IAP inclusion instantly means we're just after their money, but most have realised the game is not crafted with IAP in mind. When we release the desktop version without IAP they'll see it's exactly the same game.

We made sure to add a lot of depth and strategy to the game and it's great to see the fans appreciating this. We're also starting to see people become "OTTTD advocates" where they defend us on forums/social and chat with us on a regular basis. It's not a two minute play and then they move on to the next game. 

What can we expect in your first update, and why did you choose this particular new content?
We're expanding the content, plus also adding features which have been requested. A cloud save was the biggest requested feature as OTTTD is not a game you want to start fresh from every time. We've also added; 
    - Five new levels (because you can never have enough)
    - Endless mode levels that allow people to keep playing once they finish the campaign
    - Armour has been added as it just missed out on going live initially
    - And an encyclopaedia, which details the elements of the game, as people wanted to understand more about the enemy types and towers.  

We've also fixed a bunch of things and optimised for memory. Oh, and even though the over the top gibs is a main feature, people wanted the option to reduce them so we added that also. It's amazing how different the gib-free option feels. It's just less satisfying. But the community wanted it, so we added it.

It seems like you’ve been very quick with such a sizeable update, do you plan to continue this trend into the future?
The next BIG update will be world three, the "Robotic" world. Think robot dinosaurs, robot zombies and yes, even robot chairs. There's a lot more work involved in that update, but we have half the enemies built, we just decided to focus on the first two worlds to begin with to make sure they were top quality. We're more worried about quality than quantity, which is why we only have 20 levels to start because we spent A LOT of time optimising and tweaking them to be challenging for players than a set and forget snooze fest.

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