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14 March, 2014

Oscar Announced - "Why Do We Say We're Fine When We're Not"

Sharks are so hot right now. It was only yesterday that we revealed the stunning platformer Chronology from developer Shark Punch, and now we have an equally gorgeous new platformer called Oscar to put on your radar by a developer called Team Sharkeye. However, that is where the similarities end.

While a 2D sidescroller by nature, Oscar doesn't appear as much a game about mechanics as it is about emotional insight. As the young girl Oscar, the game plays out in her fantasy world, where beauty can be at peace, secluded from harsh reality. But that reality invades, and as you play you'll be confronted by the truths of this girl's life and what she is running away into her fantasies to escape. It's the groundwork for a deep an engaging experience that examines how a child's mind deals with demons, while deepening our understanding on the fragility of childhood innocence and why we must fight to protect it. The line, "why do we say we're fine when we're not," particularly resonates.

Or at least that is my take; check out the trailer below and make your own assessment. Either way, this is one of those games that needs to be made, and I encourage you to learn more about it on its Kickstarter page. The game is scheduled for tablets, PC, Mac and Linux.

Also, if this style of game and game making mentality is of interest, do yourself a favour and read about Thralled, a game we featured on our latest cover.

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