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07 March, 2014

Orion's Gold Announced

Following closely on the heels of excellent space survival game Out There, and mining platformer Mines of Mars, comes Orion's Gold. Developer digiKhel first came up with the idea during a global game jam, and it's provides a simpler, arcade take on the survive and mine in space theme. The Earth is pillaged of all its natural resources, leaving brave captains like your good self to voyage out into the dangerous Orion's Belt to find precious new materials. We've got some gameplay for you in the trailer below, and to put a bit of context in to what is going on, here is some of the basics from the developer's website on this simple, but frantically paced game.

You may want to remember this: 
  1. Distribute power amongst the portals to guide the mining ships. 
  2. Red ore adds to the heat, blue ore adds to the cold. 
  3. Don’t let the temperature cross the limit. 
  4. Buy upgrades to survive longer and mine deeper within the belt. 
  5. Keep an eye out for exploding asteroids. 

In the interim, we strongly suggest picking up Out There and Mines of Mars, they're great.

    - Out There
    - Mines of Mars

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