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08 June, 2014

Is This The iPhone 6?

Apple's WWDC keynote has come and gone, with iOS 8 the hot topic and showcasing a raft of incremental improvements sure to make developers, gamers and general users lives that little bit more fluid. But what about hardware? With the rumoured microconsole still in the wings, a source close to the company has leaked a feature-set and some schematics of the iPhone 6 to VentureBeat, which in turn has been used by artist Martin Hajek to conceptualise a likely look for the new device, which you can see above. Needless to say, it should all be consumed with a grain of salt, but nothing been proposed would be considered outlandish. Indeed, the leak is consistent with what experts anticipate ahead of the rumoured phone's end of year release.

The iPhone 6 is expected to feature most prominently a larger screen, rumoured to be 4.7" and capable of a 1,704 x 960 resolution. Near Field Communication support is also on the cards, as is a faster 4G LTE antenna capable of double the speed at 300 mbps. Most excitingly for gamers, this improved screen real estate and performance will be bolstered by the new Metal API releasing with iOS 8, which among other things streamlines communication between software and the new A7 chip for better performance.

As for what games to play on the iPhone 6, well you just need keep an eye on Grab It. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with daily news on the best indie iOS games, and if you have an iPad, you can also start collecting the episodes below for the most enjoyable way to discover great new experiences.

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