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12 August, 2014

Is BioShock's Arrival on iOS the Start of A Host of PS3/360 Ports?

I love it when my favourite PC and console games get ported to the IOS. As tablets and phones grow in technical might, their popularity and versatility are luring evermore ambitious ports to the platform, opening up mouth-watering possibilities for the future. 2K games, one of the famous subsidiaries of development giant Take-Two Interactive - who has already managed to bring the enormous Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to iOS - has announced an App Store port of it's critically and commercially lauded first-person shooter BioShock. 

For those unfamiliar with BioShock, it's a rare brand of shooter that emphasises atmosphere and storyline, as well as introducing original gameplay mechanics that have helped evolve the entire genre. BioShock is truly a masterpiece and as such I am incredibly excited to see it ported to the tablet. Unfortunately, it won't be the same experience as the original as the game's visuals take quite a hit, but I feel that taking a title of this magnitude and releasing it for iOS could be a big boost to demonstrate the capacity of the device to handle a similar, wholly unique series in the future.

Perhaps more importantly, it will show that titles from the most recent X360 and PS3 generation of consoles - at least those from early in the cycle - are portable to iOS. The floodgates could open. And surely 2K Games itself - who published titles like Borderlands, The Darkness, Mafia and Spec Ops: The Line, and has already released an excellent port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS - will greenlight more ports if BioShock sells well.

If you missed the original, or just want to re-experience the game, then you'll have an opportunity to dive into the eerie and haunting world of BioShock later on this year. In the interim, GTA: San Andreas and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are well worth checking out, and you might also enjoy our article about the creator of BioShock, Ken Levine Jumped Off A Sinking Ship.

Max Joseph

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