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11 January, 2014

Ian MacLarty - Founder of Mu & Heyo - Reveals His Top 10 Games of 2013

We interviewed a number of very talented individuals from the video games industry in Issue 0 of Grab It Magazine, and after putting together our Top 50 iPad Indie Games of 2013, we thought we would reach out to them to see what made their list in what was a massive year in gaming.

Yesterday we got the top 10 from République creator Ryan Payton, and the day before that, the fantastic David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. We've since got the Top 10 from Anomaly 2 developer 11 Bit Studios and also Beermogul Games' Nathan Harper.

Today we have brilliant Aussie Ian MacLarty, who released the ultra-addictive “trance runner” Boson X this year. We reviewed the game in our latest issue, and also spoke with the developer about the process of the games development, its design choices and the future of the endless runner genre. You can read all about it here.

But on to the top 10: MacLarty asked us to mention that number 1, is number 1, but the others are only “sort of” arranged in order:

(note: you can tap the game name to grab the game, and if you want to grab Boson X you can do so here - for obvious reasons it is not on MacLarty's list)

      1. 868-HACK (Michael Brough)
      2. Stickets (Wanderlands)
      3. Ending (Aaron Steed)
      4. Ridiculous Fishing (Vlambeer)
      5. Device 6 (Simogo)
      6. Death Ray Manta (PsychicParrot Games)
      7. Impossible Road (Kevin Ng)
      8. Rymdkapsel (Martin Jonasson)
      9. Duet (Kumobius)
      10. Pivvot (Whitaker Trebella)

Tune in tomorrow to catch our next developer’s top 10. And don't forget to check out the top 10s for 11 Bit StudiosRyan Payton and David Helgason.

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