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23 May, 2014

Get Lumena For Free

Update: We just got a note from the developer letting us know that you can grab this challenging arcade music game for free right now.

Original Story: Music fans looking for a neat little arcade experience can jump into Lumena today. A collaboration between developer Elevate Entertainment and electronic beatsmith Modbom, it tasks you with flicking a ball at rotating coloured lights, matching the colours to increase your score. As simple as it may sounds, it's a super challenging (and addictive) task, testing your reflexes and memory in an environment where flashy visuals and a pumping soundtrack offer plenty of distraction.

You can check out the trailer below and also grab the soundtrack separately. Plus, if you like this style of game, we also recommend checking out Avoid Sensory Overload, another music-based skill tester.

    - Lumena
    - Lumena Soundtrack
    - Avoid Sensory Overload

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