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07 September, 2014

Chronology Hitting iOS on September 10

Update: We've just got word that Chronology will be hitting the App Store in just a few days on September 10.

Original Story: Osao Games has revealed it will be showing off Chronology at next week's GDC and bringing the game to iOS (as well as PC and consoles) later in 2014. This is reason to get excited. The trailer below promises a quite beautiful looking platformer involving a grizzly old inventor, his pal (a snail that can manipulate time) and a mission to save the present day be travelling forward and backwards in history, in real-time. Watching the world twist between beauty and beast as you travel through the time looks great, but it's the inventive level design, encounters and puzzle mechanics that hint to a game of great depth.

The developer name drops Day of the tentacle and The Lost Vikings as inspirations, but we can also see plenty of good old Mario Bros and recent fantasy fare like Trine in the gameplay below. Artists Hayao Miyazaki and Shaun Tan are also marked as inspirations, and the world sure does look mighty pretty with its mix of mechanical and organic designs.

This joins Thralled, which was the world exclusive cover story for Issue 1 of our game discovery app, Grab It Magazine, as enticing platformers heading our way in 2014.

In the interim, we recommend checking out the below platforming gems:
   - Limbo
   - Mutant Mudds
   - Sonic CD
   - Type:Rider (read our review in the free sample issue of Grab It Magazine)
   - Nihilumbra
   - Shadow Blade
   - League of Evil 3
   - NyxQuest

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