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24 June, 2014

Big Action Mega Fight "proud to announce" Shift from F2P to Premium

You don't see this very often! We're quite used to witnessing excellent premium games begrudgingly go F2P in a bid for more downloads - one recent title to do just that was Bardbarian, a game showcased with a full analysis and developer interview in Episode 4 of Grab It. Double Stallion Games has just announced its over-the-top and delightfully colourful brawler Big Action Mega Fight! is making a move the other way on June 25. Currently free, the game will be moving to US$2. In its new guise, the game will have no ads, and no IAPs. What's more interesting is, it has also been "rebalanced."

It's interesting because it suggests the game was unbalanced beforehand to drive players towards needing to purchase IAPs. It's something you can safely assume every developer in the F2P space is doing, but rarely do you see it so blatantly admitted.

As for the game, it's totally worth the $2. As tough guy Brick Strongarm - a vigilante bodybuilder - you go on a Streets of Rage meets Castle Crashers old-school arcade beat 'em up romp. It's got plenty of laughs too, with the kind of crazy moves that would make Bayonetta jealous. Check out the trailer below:

   - Big Action Mega Fight!
   - Bardbarian
   - Episode 4 of Grab It
   - Streets of Rage

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