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14 January, 2014

11 Bit Studios - Creator of Anomaly 2 - Reveal Its Top 10 Games of 2013

After putting our heads together to come up with Grab It Magazine’s The 50 Best iPad Indie Games of 2013, we thought it would be nice to find out what the developers of some of these games had in their “best of” lists. Previously, we have posted the Top 10 Games of 2013 lists for République creator Ryan Payton, Unity Technologies’ CEO David Helgason, Nathan Harper of Beermogul Games and Boson X creator Ian MacLarty. We recommend checking them out as they give a great insight into the games game makers love.

Next-up we have 11 Bit Studios. The developer made an impact in 2013 with its science-fiction tower offence game Anomaly 2. It made our Top 50, delivering everything we wanted in a sequel – it really is a beast of a game. Senior Writer, Paweł Miechowski, helped compile the team’s top 10 for Grab It – that’s them pictured below at Christmas - which is in no particular order:

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Note: You can click the game name to grab it...

      1. Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy (trailer below)
      2. Icycle: On Thin Ice
      3. Ridiculous Fishing
      4. GTA: San Andreas
      5. Rymdkapsel
      6. Device 6
      7. Badland
      8. Star Command
      9. Plants vs Zombies 2
      10. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

If you’d like to discover more great games, why not try our latest issue of Grab It Magazine?

Tune in tomorrow to catch our next developer’s top 10.

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