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20 April, 2014

Unpossible Will Possibly Make You Throw Up

Admittedly, I was watching it on a bendy bus, that was bobbing and weaving like mad through rain-drenched, neon-lit streets. On a small iPhone screen, too, but it totally drove me to yack town via spew street. For a game of this nature, I'm sure that would be taken by aptly named developer Acceleroto as a badge of honour. This first-person racer cum endless dodger has you skimming across the surface of tubes getting out of the way of obstacles as they come hurtling towards you. A Tron-like aesthetic and rhythmic beats suck you into the fast-paced action and that immersion can you send your stomach sideways if you're not into its brand of chaos. You can "enjoy" the trailer below: and grab the game here.

Also be sure to check our Episode 3 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App. It includes our exclusive making of feature for the brilliant Monument Valley.

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