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25 April, 2014

Orion’s Gold - Quick Fix Review

Developer digiKhel’s first foray into the iOS world is the intriguing space mining arcade title, Orion’s Gold. After a brief tutorial, you’ll find yourself manoeuvring little spaceships around Orion’s Belt as you mine precious resources. This is done by distributing orbs of power amongst a number of portals that help guide the ships.

Even if it sounds a little complex - certainly moreso than simply swinging an axe Minecraft style - in practice, the controls work like a charm. Yet Orion’s Gold isn't a simple moon-stroll into outer space. You’ll be required to manage your ship’s temperature by equally mining both red and blue ore, all while keeping an eye out for exploding asteroids and completing various challenges. The end result is a highly competent game that achieves a nice balance between strategy and crazy, chaotic fun. Particularly during the more difficult levels, I had the most fun when I abandoned any notion of strategy and gave myself over to the insane explosion of colours on my screen.

In a nice touch, players can upgrade their ships to last longer in Orion’s Belt deadly mine fields. However, there isn’t too much incentive to keep coming back time and time again. A few additional environments and more meaningful collectibles would add some needed depth. That being said, digiKhel’s first iOS game is worth its weight in gold, especially considering it is a one-man effort. I am very excited to see what his future efforts will yield.

Grab the game here.

Quick Fix is a regular section in Grab It - The Game Discovery App, and it's a great place to discover new and interesting games via reviews, features, opinions, top 10s, previews, videos and more. In our latest episode, which only just hit the App Store – you can grab it here – our Quick Fix section features Shapist, Dudeski, Trials Frontier, Star Wars: Assault Team and Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork.

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