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12 January, 2014

Free - Pumped: BMX and Puddle

We've woken up this morning to a couple of free games well worth a look while they're on sale. The first is sidescrolling extreme sports game Pumped: BMX, which reminds us somewhat of the legendary California Games. Oddly named developer Yeah Us! - who recently celebrated going full-time as an indie dev - claims there's 1,000 trick combos to master, but even if that's a porky there's 44 levels and 100 challenges, so it's not short on stuff to do. It does register that it has IAPs, but they're all free at present, too. Nice!

Elsewhere, we have Puddle, developed by Neko Entertainment. It's a delightful physics-based puzzle game where you need to manoeuvre a puddle of fluid through familiar, colourful environments filled with various obstacles. The soundscape adds to this title substantially, too, and we definitely recommend a download. Both the game's trailers can be found below:

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- Pumped: BMX (iPad)
- Pumped: BMX (iPhone)
- Puddle (iPad)
- Puddle (iPhone)


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