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29 March, 2014

Ex-Burnout Developers Announce Killstorm

Developer Nice Touch Games was formed in 2011 by Richard Bunn and David Green, a duo who had worked at EA, Criterion and Sony on titles like Burnout and Black. The studio’s first title has just been announced via Kickstarter and it’s one that’s sure to catch the eye of old-school gamers. 

Described as "our love letter to the classic action games of the 16-bit era," Killstorm is an attack helicopter game, which is a phrase I haven’t had the chance to write for a long time. Most notably reminiscent of Desert Strike, its isometric battlefield is torn to shreds by a lead assault from suitable mean looking whirly birds. We have a trailer below for you to enjoy.

I’m quite excited to see how the development of this game comes together. The team says it will be actively working with the community that gathers around the Kickstarter to mould the game into its final shape, and it already has some nice visual flourishes and what appears to be some simple and intuitive touchscreen controls. Mixing up the missions and keeping things lively will be key, so hopefully the promised mix of terrain - desert, forest, ocean – and a day/night cycle, will open up specific tactical options to keep gamers thinking.

Either way, definitely get over to the Kickstarter and consider throwing some love the way of its modest £10,000 goal.

In the interim, we suggest you get your helicopter-on with the action arcade fun of C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD, or the simulation X-Plane. And if you want the best portal out there for discovering great indie games on your iPad, please give Grab It Magazine a go - there's 15-hours of entertainment within.

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