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11 June, 2014

BeautiFun Announce Megamagic – Mixes Pokémon, Streets of Rage, Command & Conquer and Zelda

Update: You'll never guess who is starring in the game.

Original Story: This week we are celebrating Spanish indie developer BeautiFun Games. The talented team set the world on fire with its debut title Nihilumbra and we have just released a special collector’s edition of Grab It focused on the making of this sublime philosophical puzzle platformer. As part of this interactive app, you’ll enjoy the soundtrack, watch video footage, discover behind-the-scenes assets and get a stack of exclusive insights into what it is like to be an indie developer making your first game. You can grab it here

In Chapter IX: Reflections, designer and writer Kevin Cerdà dropped some hints about the studio’s next project, Megamagic. He stated; “Now I feel more confident and I’ve created a bigger story for the next game, Megamagic, with lots of characters, cultures, factions, backstory and gameplay complexity!” The picture above, called The Fierce Lion and The Flaming Dragon, is said to be "really important to explain the plot of the game."  

Cerdà also revealed more on the developer’s blog. Here is a snippet on what he said;

“Definitely, Megamagic is having a much more complicated development; if Nihilumbra was a kamikaze project, Megamagic could be considered as suicidal without hesitation. The project is a new adventure, a new challenge, much more extensive and with a very innovative gameplay. We are fighting to finish it on time and with the expected quality.

The story is quite deep and elaborate. I built a complex universe, with different factions, beliefs, cultures, individuals with their own stories, personalities and problems. The events that occur amongst the characters have very particular reasons [driving them]. One of the reasons I'm more enthusiastic about the project is that I believe in those characters, they deserve to come to life and let the players experience their stories.

About the gameplay, I took the main mechanics from games I played as a child as inspiration, and added new elements to improve it as much as possible. Megamagic is designed in such a way that the player is suddenly dropped into the world and will have to discover it step by step. The nonlinear experience we are creating will be quite interesting. As an example, in a fantastic medieval game like Baldur’s Gate, you know that somewhere in the quest there is a dragon waiting for you that you have to beat, or a princess in distress. But in Megamagic, the player won't have a clue of what is waiting around the corner, so the game will surely surprise them."

Outside of that, the game remains mostly under wraps, although PR and community manager Jesús Fabre told us one exciting titbit of information; “the game takes influences from Pokémon (get them all/collect characters and use them), beat-em up elements from Streets of Rage, combat strategy from Command and Conquer and adventure-RPG components from Zelda.”

Megamagic will release first on PC, with iOS and then Wii U ports planned. While you await the game, we invite you to check out our special edition Grab It Presents episode on Nihilumbra. You’ve never experienced a magazine like this before – it’s like playing a game! Grab it here.

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